Hello, My name is Fiorella Landivar

Know a little more about me..

I embarked on the journey to become a Graphic Designer with a profound desire to inspire and connect with people through my creative expressions. Art has always been one of my most fervent passions, and it drives me to consistently dedicate my utmost effort to every project I undertake.
My love for visual storytelling enables me to breathe life into concepts and ideas, crafting designs that are not only visually compelling but also deeply meaningful. With a keen instinct for comprehending client objectives and a solid grasp of design fundamentals, I possess the unique ability to produce visuals that transcend mere aesthetics.
Furthermore, I bring an extra dimension to my work through my foundational knowledge of social media and SEO.
This additional expertise allows me to enhance the online presence of my designs and ensure that they reach and resonate with a wider audience. In summary, my journey as a Graphic Designer is not just about creating visually appealing content, but also about making a lasting impact, conveying messages effectively, and evoking emotions.
I am committed to continuously expanding my creative horizons and utilizing my skills to create a meaningful connection between art and audience.
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Digital Composition

My Services

Web design

You will see some of my samples, like banners, and some links of my available websites.


In this option, I'll show you some of my shoots, and photoshot samples.


Illustrations and vectors are very important, logos, cartoons, printing and many other things.


In this section, I'll show you some of my samples in prints, like brochures, part of magazines, infographics, and some others.


Working as a freelance for long time, and independant contract.
(Part time)

Google Ads

Getting Google Ads Certifications.

Epilog Laser

Working in a shop for a year, managing an epilog laser machine, cutting and engraving on acrylic, wood and some different materials.

Online store

Proactive, working in my own business doing shirts, craft, promoting my own designs through e-commerce.

"Good designer, she helped me to design some stuff for my business, highly recommended, work on time! "



"She helped me with my newspaper, and some shirts designs, She was on time, good designer..."

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